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Avidemux video editor

January 05, 2022 — BarryK

Avidemux is a video editor written in C++ and using the Qt5 libraries. Homepage:


I have compiled version 2.8.0 in a running EasyOS and created a PET package, so it will be available via the package manager.

It is only for basic editing, cutting and joining clips together. Here is an introduction video:

I wondered about a bit more sophistication, like being able to record my voice anywhere in a clip. But, seems not. There is a way to replace the audio with another file:

The PET is 13MB, rather large. It compiles its own internal ffmpeg, which bloats it.



I found that it is a nice way to save a frame as a png or jpeg image. Another feature that should be useful: you can embed images into the video. Will check out a few more video editors.   

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