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Didiwiki personal wiki retired

January 18, 2022 — BarryK

DidiWiki has been in the "Personal" menu category for ...forever. EasyOS, Quirky, and the pups before, all had it. However, I just discovered that it is broken, cannot create new wiki pages.

EasyOS has didiwiki version 0.8, and a quick search revealed that it was patched by Amigo in 2009:

It must have worked back then! No one has ever complained about it, which shows how popular it is.

I looked around. There is a version 0.66 that looks like it has been well maintained:

There is also ciwiki, that forked from didiwiki, still being maintained here:

I tested ciwiki, yeah it works, and it does have more features than didiwiki.

However, don't think will use ciwiki. Even though can run as user 'spot' or any other user, probably not so good that it doesn't support https:// connections. It does allow hyperlinks, but only http://

So, didiwiki is now retired, and won't use ciwiki. Will have a look around and see if there is anything else.   

Tags: easy