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EasyOS 3.1.19 released

January 02, 2022 — BarryK

Another one! A gift for the New Year. The main thing to look for this time, relative to 3.1.17, is improved audio setup. Release notes:


Mirrored, thanks to NLUUG:

Feedback welcome here:

I propose that 3.1.19 is the Release Candidate for 3.2. There are of course more things to do -- there are always more things to do -- but do need to draw the line somewhere.

Testers welcome, let me know of any bugs. Hardware incompatibilities are probably something that I cannot fix. Sometimes you just need to figure out a fix for your hardware, such as find missing firmware. Another example: I have a laptop, EasyOS chooses the 'radeon' Xorg driver, but that causes a screen freeze after a short period of usage -- I found that running xorgwizard and change to 'modesetting' Xorg driver fixes it.   

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