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More bug reports for LiVES video editor

January 08, 2022 — BarryK

Just a couple of things to fix and intend to release EasyOS 3.2. One of those "things" is LiVES -- I like it, very sophisticated, small because written in C++, gtk3-based, uses system libraries, doesn't have rampant dependencies like some other video editors. Clarifying that, LiVES does have quite a lot of dependencies, but they are mostly already in EasyOS, required by other applications, which makes LiVES a good fit. If I went the route of, for example, a pyqt5-based video editor, I find myself chasing heaps of extra dependencies and hence bloat. Or, as in the case of Avidemux, having its own inbuilt ffmpeg, bloat again.

However, LiVES is buggy, for me anyway.

Here are earlier posts about the saga of bug-fixing:

Here are two more issues recently reported:

The good news is that Gabriel (nickname 'salsaman' on github) responds very promptly and has fixed the earlier-reported bugs. He is looking into these last two, and I am waiting on a fix before releasing EasyOS 3.2.

Knowing nothing about video editing, many of the features of LiVES are bewildering to me:

However, it should be able to handle my planned basic editing requirements.   

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