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Pitivi runs great very easy to use

January 29, 2022 — BarryK

Finally chased down all the dependencies, see post yesterday:

The error reported at the bottom of that post, was due to 'gstreamer-plugins-good' not having the gtk plugin. I enabled it in the recipe in OE and recompiled it.

Then Pitivi ran. I found it to be very intuitive, and was using it right off, without having read any documentation. I had only briefly looked at a video previously. I tested basic functionality, a timeline with two clips, and created a transition, then saved it.

This will be in the next release of Easy, probably version 3.3.

Here is the Pitivi homepage:

There are lots of videos on YouTube, here are some:

Pitivi Beginner Video Editor Tutorial

Pitivi: Quick And Easy Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners

Is this the Linux equivalent to iMovie? Not quite...

Pitivi Review | The User Friendly Linux Video Editor?

There should be some online review documents also. Yes...

Pitivi Video Editor Review in 2022

Pitivi Software Review

...there is no date or version given in that last one. One thing to be wary of in videos and reviews is that Pitivi is a very active project and has changed a lot in 2020 and 2021.

One extra note: I will probably leave out 'frei0r' in the next release of Easy. This provides video special effects, and Pitivi will use it if installed. It is in the package manager.   

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