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PPLOG personal blog fixed

January 01, 2022 — BarryK

PPLOG is a personal blog, a perl script, found in the menu under "Personal" category. I received an email that it doesn't work.

PPLOG is a cgi script, and runs under the hiawatha web server. Hiawatha reported, in /var/log/hiawatha/error.log:

/root/Web-Server/blog/|execute CGI: Required key not available

I tried PPLOG and it worked for me, but then I found that it works when the 'devx' is loaded, not without.

Without the 'devx' sfs, there is a cut-down perl, "perl_tiny", and with the 'devx' there is the full perl. After some experimenting, I found that perl_tiny requires '' for cgi to work.

So, added that file to perl_tiny and now PPLOG works.

Note, PPLOG keeps it's data under /root/Web-Server/blog. This is inherited from the Puppy days, but it is not good. If you use PPLOG to enter personal information, you would want to keep it permanently. If the session gets erased, so to will the PPLOG data.

Easy does have /files, which is outside of the session and will not get erased. It is actually at /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}files, bind-mounted onto /files

I am planning a similar mechanism for app data that you want to keep. Toward that end, there is now /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}data, and the plan is that an app like PPLOG will keep it's data under that path. However, this is not yet implemented, needs more thought.  

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