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rshift internationalized and fr updates

January 02, 2022 — BarryK

esmourguit (forum name) is maintaining the French translations for EasyOS. Quoting from his message to me:

I added the translation of the second help Android phone, in Easyshare.
Plus modification, line 1308, in the script Easyshare : I added gettext entry for "Technical Notes" so that it is translated. Line 1308 became line 1309. So attached the new easyshare script modified. And the new french file.

I have updated the translation of Xorgwizard, then new file.

I gettexted the script /usr/bin/rshift. It works fine. Attached the "rshift-localized" script gettexted and the rshift.pot file. And the french file.

The new PET for rshift is '' and I will upload that soon to here:

I would like to thank esmourguit for his continued support keeping the fr translations up-to-date!  

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