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Stopped work on EasyArch

January 25, 2022 — BarryK

It was interesting, I guess it was an itch that wanted to be scratched. However, it sucks up day after day, and still lots of issues unresolved. Had to ask why commit more time to it. Nah, stopping. This was the first post a few days ago:

Yes, have a working desktop, and even have the bin and lib folder symlinks just like it is in Arch. Actually, most of the issues are resolved I think, but it has been "dependency hell". To build a distro with everything builtin, Scribus, OBS-Studio, Shotcut, LibreOffice, Inkscape etc., I ended up with a download file over 800MB -- compared with about 580MB for the Dunfell  img.gz file.

Could create a smaller build with minimal apps, like peebee has done, but have decided cannot see the point of it.

Yes, there is a big package repository, and I tested it by installing Shotcut video editor, and it works. But that is not giving me enough reason to keep working on it. Takes away too much time that could be spent working on improving EasyOS itself.  

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