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EasyOS version 3.3 released

February 02, 2022 — BarryK

The last release was version 3.2.1, on January 14, announced here:

Please read the release notes:

Download English, French and German builds:

Feedback is welcome on the forum:

Have fun!

ah ha, a buglet is found! I upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.3, by clicking "update" on the desktop. It worked, except the wallpaper is still the old one.

I found out the cause, and will fix it. For now, you can do a manual fix. Delete /usr/share/backgrounds/*/default.jpg, then run menu "Desktop -> Qwallpaper" and re-choose default.jpg.

What happens is that EasyOS truncates an image to fit the resolution proportions of your screen, and puts it in that sub-folder, in my case it is /usr/share/backgrounds/177. By deleting the file inside "177", Qwallpaper will regenerate it from /usr/share/backgrounds/default.jpg, which is the new wallpaper.      

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