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Kernel 5.16.10 broken

February 20, 2022 — BarryK

Same story. I compiled the 5.16.10 kernel, booted it, it spewed out a lot of stuff to the screen, then a black screen and had to do a hard power-off. As I reported, same with the 5.10.94 kernel:

I examined the changelogs at

5.10.x, 5.15.x and 5.16.x all have something in common, huge commits on 27 January. Really massive.

For 5.16.2, changelog is 38KB, then for 5.16.3 the changelog is 1MB. same thing with 5.15.16 to 5.15.17, and with 5.10.93 to 5.10.94.

It is too much for me to wade through all those commits and try to figure out what has broken bootup. That is a job for the kernel developers. Anyway, why did they allow such massive commits in one minor version bump?

Well, I will compile 5.15.16, see if that boots. If so, it will confirm the problem.

As 5.10.99 is still causing problems, I am thinking that perhaps the kernel developers should revert to January 20, and start again, very cautiously.  

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