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LibreOffice de and fr translation fix

February 13, 2022 — BarryK

Just before releasing 3.4, forum member esmourguit sent me updates for the Fran├žais (French) langpack PET. I was puzzled that he included .mo files for LibreOffice, as they should have already been there.

The '3buildeasydistro' script in woofQ does a search for .mo files for a particular language:

find packages-${DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX}/*_NLS -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 7 -type f -name '*.mo' | grep -E "/${DEFAULTLANG1}/|/${DEFAULTLANG1}_[A-Z]*/" | grep -v ' '

Ah ha, a bug, the LibreOffice .mo files are one-deeper. I changed to "-maxdepth 8" and they are found.

I will take the LibreOffice .mo files out of the fr langpack, as it should OK in the future.

If you are using the Deutsch (German) build of 3.4, there is the same problem. It will be fixed with the next release; however, a quick fix now is to install the 'libreoffice' package via the PKGget package manager (PPM) -- it will show as already installed, but you can reinstall it. The package contains all the non-English translations.

Note, it might be a good idea to uninstall it before doing the next version update.   

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