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recordMyDesktop CLI screen recorder

February 27, 2022 — BarryK

While revising the EasyApps utility, I realised there is one kind of app missing from EasyOS -- a video and audio screen recorder. There have been many of these used in the pups over the years, and I perused the old forum, looking to see what has come and gone.

A couple of them, Drec (dpuprec) and EasyCast, are GUI apps that use the 'rmd' CLI utility. I searched and found that the binary utility is now named 'recordmydesktop', and uses libtheora, libogg and libvorbis to record video actions on the desktop, and audio using alsa-lib, and save as an 'ogv' video file.

recordMyDesktop project is here:

User manual here:

I have compiled version 0.4.0 and the PET is here (43KB):

Here is an example of usage, that will record every action on the screen, and defaults to alsa device hw:0,0:

# recordmydesktop -o /root/out.ogv --pause-shortcut Control+p --stop-shortcut Control+s --fps 30 --freq 22050 --v_quality 63 --s_quality 10 --on-the-fly-encoding

gposil created 'Drec' (dpuprec) in 2009:

Argolance improved it in 2015 and renamed it to EasyCast:

EasyCast uses 'recordmydesktop' and also 'ffmpeg' to convert the video to different formats. It is old, needs some updating, and that is next on my agenda.

EDIT 2022-02-28:
For the record, here are some other screen recorders discovered in the old forum...

I made a discovery, didn't realise until now, that 'wiak' in the new forum is 'mcewanw' in the old forum. William (wiak) has posted this very interesting background information:

...well well, that is something I didn't know (or forgot), Pussy Linux was the precursor to the *Dogs.

mcewanw created 'pavrecord' video/webcam recorder in 1012:

Later on, he created 'weX', intended as a replacement for pavrecord:

...more choices to consider for EasyOS!    

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