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Take a Shot fixed and version bump

February 27, 2022 — BarryK

EasyOS has three screen-shot apps: Take a Shot! (TAS), Screeny and the full-screen capture feature of mtPaint. These are to be found in the Graphic menu.

Screeny is builtin to woofQ and is in all releases of EasyOS, it is not a PET. The author is 01micko.

TAS was created by SFR, see the old forum:

Forum member bigpup has started a thread for TAS in the new forum:

TAS works a bit differently from Screeny...

With TAS, capturing a window is actually a snapshot of the screen, cropped to that window. This will capture anything overlapping the window, including a mouse pointer.

Screeny on the other hand, will capture the window, without anything extraneous. I usually prefer to use Screeny, so have set that as the default screen/window capture app in EasyApps.

Easy has TAS 1.13, so I have bumped to version 1.15. Also, TerryH reported that TAS saves images to /root, by default anyway. I have modified to default save to /files/media/images.

The new PET is ''; however, it will still work OK in the pups -- if /files/media/images doesn't exist, it defaults to $HOME.

A technical note: TAS actually looks if $PUP_HOME/media/images exists, where PUP_HOME=/files and is set in /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE.

An extra technical note: many sophisticated apps read ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs, which contain open and save path, and they default to using these. In Easy, this file has this content:


However, some dumber apps have to be coded to default to somewhere other than $HOME.   

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