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EasyOS test build for recent AMD GPUs

March 03, 2022 — BarryK

I have done another build, with 5.15.16 kernel, with some extra configure options enabled for recent AMD APUs and GPUs. Also with extra firmware under /lib/firmware/amdgpu -- thanks to forum member hundido.

The kernel has the 'radeon' driver disabled, so won't work with older ATI/AMD GPUs. It only has the 'amdgpu' driver. This has been done for testing, so that the radeon driver won't load and interfere.

Download from here (620MB):

If you still get a black screen, then it looks like 'mesa' and some 'xorg' packages will need to be updated.

EDIT 2022-03-04:
Good news. Holden has been testing releases of EasyOS, his AMD Ryzen 5 5600g PC getting a black screen -- until now. This latest build works. It looks like it was a matter of missing firmware.

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