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Enchant spell checking fixed

March 22, 2022 — BarryK

Forum member 'proebler' reported that when the geany text editor extra-plugins package is installed (via the package manager), the spell-checking plugin does not work.

I puzzled over that. Enchant is a wrapper for various spell-checking packages, including aspell, myspell and hunspell. I couldn't get it to work. LFS has a little test for enchant:

Which failed. Then there is this:

# enchant-lsmod-2
aspell (Aspell Provider)

...which gave me a clue. Enchant is only supporting aspell, but Easy has the hunspell dictionaries.

Looking at the recipe in OpenEmbedded, it is configured to only support aspell. Hmmm. OK, I got the recipe from OE master-next branch, version 2.3.2, bumping up from 2.2.8, which is also configured to only support aspell. However, I created meta-quirky/recipes-support/enchant/enchant2_%.bbappend, with just this one line:

PACKAGECONFIG_append = " hunspell"

That did the trick. Enchant should now be fixed, touch wood.   

Tags: easy