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Increased gap between drive icons and tray

March 27, 2022 — BarryK

In Easy 3.4.4, ROX icons-on-desktop mode, the drive icons are very close to the tray, such that the "p" descender is just touching the tray:


The gap between the bottom of the screen and the drive icons is set by variable ICON_PLACE_EDGE_GAP in /etc/eventmanager:

#091208 adjust drive icons placement, read by /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d
#TODO: GUI in /usr/sbin/eventmanager
#gap between icons and edge of screen (>0 if need to leave space for a tray)...
#20220327 bump from 64 to 68, as tray height got bumped from 28 to 30...
#indent from edge before icons start...
#spacing between successive icons (64 matches other icons on desktop)...
#left, right, bottom, or top of screen...

Prior to 3.4.4, the tray was a height of 28 pixels, but is now 30 pixels. I have increased ICON_PLACE_EDGE_GAP from 64 to 68, so the tray height can now be up to 32 pixels if desired.

I could probably support ICON_PLACE_EDGE_GAP=auto, which will automatically adjust the gap to suit whatever the tray height is. That could be something for the future, for now only want to do basic bug fixes.   

Tags: easy