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JWMDesk 3.5 coming soon

March 11, 2022 — BarryK

Roger (radky in the forum) is working on JWMDesk 3.5, with new features and compatibility with EasyOS 3.4.1+. Roger has designed JWMDesk to work in most pup derivatives, which is a formidable task, and I take my hat off to him for doing it.

He has provided me with a pre-release, and we are sorting out some issues.

One thing that I have changed today, is to adjust the tray width in the /root/.xinitrc script:

if [ "${UI_DESK_MANAGER}" == "jwm" ];then #20220208
#20220208 pup_event_frontend_d calls frontend_startup, which creates /root/.pup_event/drive_*
# so have to wait until frontend_startup exits before run the following.
if [ ! -f /tmp/pup_event_wait/frontend_startup_finished ];then
inotifywait -t 5 -q -q -e create,open /tmp/pup_event_wait
if ! grep -q 'drives48' /root/.jwmrc-tray;then #20220212 fix test.
#populate /root/.jwmrc-tray...
if [ "$SCRN_X" != "$oldSCRNX" ];then
#may need to display app icons without labels...
#20220311 adjust tray width to suit screen...
if [ $SCRN_X -le 1366 ];then
elif [ $SCRN_X -le 1600 ];then
trayX=1440 #$(($SCRN_X*3/4)) #3/4 ex: 1920 becomes 1440 need to go wider.
PTNt='s%\(<Tray .*width="\)[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]"%\1'"${trayX}"'"%'
sed -i -e "$PTNt" /root/.jwmrc-tray
#generate /root/.jwmrc-drives and .jwmrc-containers... (these files are included in .jwmrc)
/usr/local/ui/jwm/generate-drives-menu #> /root/.jwmrc-drives
/usr/local/ui/jwm/generate-containers-menu #> /root/.jwmrc-containers
if [ -s /root/.jwmrc-drives ];then
echo -n '' > /root/.jwmrc-drives
echo -n '' > /root/.jwmrc-containers
#depopulate /root/.jwmrc-tray...
#20220311 keep this, as jwmdesk may have added more icons...
if [ "$SCRN_X" != "$oldSCRNX" ];then #20220311
#the old behaviour was tray full width of screen...
#no, make it a fixed width....
PTNt='s%\(<Tray .*width="\)[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]"%\11024"%'
sed -i -e "$PTNt" /root/.jwmrc-tray

While typing this post, I remembered something. Testers reported that the icons in the tray become a bit too small with high-resolution screen. I guess that also depends on the size of the TV/monitor.
Well, JWMDesk can adjust the tray height, which also sets the icon size. I could add some code into the .xinitrc script to set tray height, but want to minimize potential conflicts with JWMDesk.

Roger has added a button to flip between ROX icons-on-desktop, and JWM icons-in-tray. That's great. We are sorting out some details for that.     

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