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Dependencies for new app compiled in OE

April 11, 2022 — BarryK

The heading is deliberately vague, I want to keep the suspense. This is a very interesting new app, and I will probably post about it tomorrow.

Anyway, this new app requires some dependencies that are not in EasyOS. So, I have compiled these in OpenEmbedded:


Another dependency that Easy already has, is 'python3-pyyaml'; however, that is only in the 'devx' SFS.

Actually, the new app requires compiling tools such as 'make' at runtime, so the devx SFS has to be loaded. I will probably make the new app available as a SFS, and it will specify devx*.sfs as a dependency.

Another dependency is 'python3-pillow'. This was compiled in OE awhile back, as it is a dep of Flowblade video editor. I will add python3-pillow to the devx.

A note regarding Flowblade, it doesn't work properly in Easy, which is why I moved on, to having Pitivi video editor in Easy.

libsass is a library, a dependency of sassc.  

Tags: easy