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Flat-grey-rounded GTK theme imported from woof-ce

April 12, 2022 — BarryK

I reported this morning that the GTK 3.20+ themes created by Oomox are enormous:

I examined some small themes that the author had developed them from scratch, rather than based on an existing theme. 'Azure-light' and 'Colloid-light' are two examples.

Then I recalled that Dima (dimkr in the forum) had posted that there are GTK3 themes on woof-CE on

These are based on 'Raleigh Reloaded' which is a GTK 3.20+ and GTK 2.0 theme designed from scratch by Vlasta:

Vlasta imported it into woof-CE, as 'Flat-grey-rounded' theme (as well as some others) in 2017, and since then, he and some other guys, including Mick (01micko) and Dima have improved it:


The good thing about this theme, apart from being a good match to the GTK2 theme that has been used in many old pups, is that it is small. /usr/share/themes/Flat-grey-rounded/gtk-3.0 is 304KB.

A vast improvement over the 'FlatGreyLightBluish' that I created in Oomox, where the 'gtk-3.20' folder is 6.6MB.

A technical detail: a theme may have /usr/share/themes/<name>/gtk-3.0 and also folder gtk-3.20. This is because the GTK developers moved the goal posts with GTK 3.20, breaking older themes. Really, all that we need these days is the gtk-3.20 folder. Or just the gtk-3.0 folder with 3.20+ compatible theme.

Anyway, I have imported 'flat-grey-rounded' theme, as PET package '', now in the 'noarch' repo. Not yet uploaded.        

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