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Grub4dosconfig startup fixed

April 06, 2022 — BarryK

Forum member 'shinobar' is the author of Grub4dosconfig PET package. It goes way back, and is no longer maintained, as shinobar is now developing Grub2config, that supersedes Grub4dosconfig, and supports both UEFI and traditional BIOS based computers.

I will probably update to Grub2config someday, but for now EasyOS has Grub4dosconfig, with some fixes for EasyOS.

Testing in Easy 3.4.4, forum member 'Maybe' reported that the startup "Please wait..." never finishes.

Running "grub4dosconfig" in a terminal revealed why -- the 'dc' utility is failing. This is an old problem. Busybox later than 1.28.1 changed the commandline syntax for the 'dc' utility. Fixed.  

Tags: easy