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GUVCView webcam viewer compiled in OE

April 22, 2022 — BarryK

I am always looking to making the app collection builtin to EasyOS to be as complete as possible, to satisfy 99% of users.

Today I was thinking that one gap is a webcam viewer. There are two GTK-based contenders, Cheese and GUVCView. The latter is smaller yet looks pretty full-featured.

Project page:


The dependencies are good, the only package missing is 'portaudio', which is an audio realtime I/O library.

I have compiled both in OpenEmbedded, and they will be in the next release of EasyOS. Look for GUVCView in the "Multimedia" menu.

I haven't actually tested that it works, as it requires /dev/video0, which will only exist if a webcam is detected. Which is the case on my laptop, so intend to test soon.

A note about compiling: The guvcview 2.0.7-2 source tarball expands everything at the same level, not in a folder, which is very annoying. It also upsets OE. 2.0.6 is OK, expands into folder guvcview-2.0.6, as you would expect. I rebundled the 2.0.7-2 source tarball correctly, and uploaded it to my own source repo on

I found videos on YouTube:

Linux Webcam Recording Made Easy with GUVCviewer:

And this one, mentions OBS-Studio:

Using Guvcview To Capture A Webcam Without Dealing With OBS:

OBS-Studio was compiled in OE awhile back, and was inbuilt in Easy 3.1.17:

However, I took it out, as no longer have any Qt-based apps builtin. It is available via the package manager. OBS can, apparently, be used as a webcam viewer, I have never checked that out.

Here is another GUVCView review, comparing with Cheese, a bit old though, shot in 2011:

GUVCView A great alternative to Cheese:

There are heaps more videos on YouTube.   

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