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How to clean your phone screen and camera lens

April 27, 2022 — BarryK

This is an interesting subject. Many times I have read to not use wet-wipes or other wet cleaners on a phone screen. For example, here:

There are other similar articles. There was a link I came across awhile back, that claimed that alcohol or any wet cleaner fluid, can seep in the edges of a LCD screen and eventually ruin it -- can't find that link now.

However, these links explain that use of some types of wet cleaners is OK:

There is another link, that says do not use ethyl alcohol, use isopropyl alcohol (70%), as the latter is less damaging to the oleophobic layer on the phone screen:

So, what to buy? There are lots of products, but I have ordered these:

MERRY'S Lens Cleaning Wipes Cleaning for Glasses Lenses Sunglasses Camera Lenses Cell Phone Laptop Lens Clothes 100ct Pack:


100 Pcs/Pack Glasses Cloth Lens Cleaner Dust Remover Portable Wipes Non-woven Fabric Phone Computer Screen Accessories F3MD:


100pcs / lot Swap Prep Pad Wet Wipe Alcohol Wipe for Antiseptic Clean Skin Care Jewelry Cell Phone Clean:


So, perhaps the Merry's lens wipes for the camera lens, and the alcohol wipes for the phone screen? The Merry's wipes have isopropyl alcohol and benzethonium chloride -- the latter is an antiseptic, but how will that affect a phone screen?    

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