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How to run SeaMonkey in a container

April 20, 2022 — BarryK

If you click on the "www" icon on the desktop, then Firefox will run, in a container.

I received an email from Mike, he would prefer to run SeaMonkey. Given the browsing limitations of SM these days, I don't know why anyone would want to use SM for general web browsing. Unless you are only going to sites that SM can handle.

Anyway, it is very easy to change the "www" to run SM instead of FF. Edit /usr/sbin/ec-chrrot-www and change this line:

empty -f ec-chroot www firefox

to this:

empty -f ec-chroot www seamonkey

That's it,done.

Or, you could run SM in the "dunfell" complete containerized desktop.

A further note about SM and FF. If you just run them non-containerized, they run as their own user, non-root, and they have their own inbuilt light-weight sandboxes. So they are pretty secure anyway.

FF for example, runs as user "firefox", with home at /home/firefox, and FF is only able to write within that folder, or under /files. FF's own sandbox adds further protections.  

Tags: easy