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Kernel modules rts_bpp and rtw89

April 04, 2022 — BarryK

I have recompiled the 5.15.16 kernel with these third-party modules.

Forum member pemasu reported needing the Realtek rtw89 wifi module:

Source is from here:

Forum member TerryH reported a mmc card reader not being recognised:

I tested the mmc card reader on my Lenovo PC, no problem. Then tried on my baby Acer Aspire laptop, and an SD card plugged into the mmc card reader wasn't recognised. I found that this driver is required:

Haven't tested yet, but it looks like I have solved the card reader problem on my laptop, but not for TerryH.

TerryH reported the reader is recognised with the older 5.10.93 kernel. However, I cannot see any difference in mmc configuration that would account for it not working with the 5.15.16 kernel.  

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