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Partition icons overlap

April 19, 2022 — BarryK

Flipping from JWM-mode icon-free-desktop and ROX-mode icons-on-desktop, I observed partition icons slightly non-aligned:


Then, when I plugged in a USB stick:



It can be fixed by redrawing the partition icons. Right-click on an icon, or via the "Desktop" category in the menu, to run "Drive icons manager":


Tick the "Tick box to erase then redraw and realign existing icons" checkbox, click "OK" button, then restart X.

That fixes it; however, it would be better if the situation never occurred in the first place. The problem occurs when the tray height changes, and the partition icons now automatically draw with sufficient gap from the tray.

When there is a change in tray height, we need to redraw all the partition icons. There is a simple way to tell Easy to do that. I have modified JWMDesk, so when there is a switch to ROX-mode, this runs:

echo "ICONWIPE" > /var/local/pup_event_icon_change_flag

This file is a flag, script /root/.xinitrc sees this flag is set, and redraws all the partition icons.

There are other possible solutions. For example, we could record the previous tray height, then if it changes, redraw all icons.   

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