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Remove duplicate PupControl entries in Setup menu

April 09, 2022 — BarryK

In ye olden days, Puppy had an entry "Wizard Wizard" in the Setup menu, which was a frontend to the other "wizards".

This idea of a "wizard" was inherited from Windows 95:


To simplify some of the more complicated operations in Windows, Microsoft added  "wizards".

A "wizard" is usually a dialog box that walks you through each specific step needed to complete the operation.

Typically a wizard presents a few discrete choices at a time across several pages you can navigate with a "Back" and "Next" button. The last page will usually have a "Finish" button that completes the task using your selected choices.

I do think that the term "wizard" has had its day, and intend to phase it out of the Setup menu. Firstly, though, in Easy 3.4.5 these two entries circled in red, both run PupControl:


The "Wizard Wizard" entry originally runs /usr/sbin/wizardwizard, the original frontend GUI to the wizards. However, the PupControl 3.4 PET package changes /usr/sbin/wizardwizard (and renames the original to wizardwizard.orig), so that the "Wizard Wizard" menu entry will run PupControl.

But, there is already a menu entry to run PupControl. Unnecessary duplication.

I have modified the PupControl PET. The post-install script in the PET is '' and it now has this code:

	#20220409 BK: avoid two entries in Setup menu running PupControl...
#[ -f ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard ] && [ ! -f ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard.orig ] && cp -f ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard.orig
#echo -e '#!/bin/bash\nexec PupControl' > ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard && chmod 755 ./usr/sbin/wizardwizard
if [ -f ./usr/share/applications/Wizard-Wizard.desktop ];then
sed -i -e '/NoDisplay/d' ./usr/share/applications/Wizard-Wizard.desktop
echo 'NoDisplay=true' >> ./usr/share/applications/Wizard-Wizard.desktop

...that just causes the "Wizard Wizard" entry not to appear in the menu.

The PupControl PET is now version

Next, have dropped the "wizard" text off those entries. No, keeping "CD/DVD drive Wizard", "Mouse/keyboard Wizard", "Multiple Sound Card Wizard" and "Xorg Video Wizard". Only renamed "CUPS Printer Wizard" to "CUPS Printer Setup", and "Firewall Setup Wizard" to "Firewall Setup". So, "wizard" in some entries will linger on for awhile.   

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