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Easy Bookworm version 0.3 released

May 20, 2022 — BarryK

Continuing to knock this guy into shape:

These are pre-alpha releases so far. When all the obvious bugs are found and it seems functionally equivalent to Easy Dunfell, then I will probably bump the version to match, say 3.5.

It is possible to update from 0.1, but two things need fixing. First, the rsync utility has a missing library:

Second, /usr/local/easy_version/easy-update script is broken. Script attached to blog post:

I tested the update, it worked, except the desktop icons still have the old names for the icons. 0.3 has adapted new names, as suggested by rufwoof.

So if you just want a clean new version, probably better to do a new install. At least while we are still in this pre-alpha stage.  

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