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EasyOS without container support

May 26, 2022 — BarryK

A couple of days ago, posted that was thinking about removing containers from easy:

I have implemented this in woofQ; however, have not "burnt the bridges" -- there is a global variable, to choose whether to have containers or not, in woofQ when Easy is being built. The variable is "EOS_SUPPORT_CONTAINERS", and it is set in file 'build-choices'.

In woofQ, in the case of building Easy Bookworm, the file is at easy-distro/amd64/debian/bookworm/build-choices, which has these new lines:

#1=yes, 0 or anything else=no.
#0=no, 1 or anything else=yes.

In the final build, 'build-choices' is copied into /root/.packages

Took a couple of days to work through woofQ, putting in tests for EOS_SUPPORT_CONTAINERS. End result, works great.

I have also overhauled the "Welcome" page at first bootup. This is at /usr/share/doc/easy/welcome.htm. As well as updating, I have simplified the explanation.

I am aiming for simplification right through, so that first-time uses won't be baffled by complex explanations. On the to-do list is to update and simplify the "How Easy Works" pages at   

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