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Galculator missing dep in Easy Bookworm

May 15, 2022 — BarryK

Galculator is a calculator, found in the "Business" menu. It won't run, because '' is missing. I found that to be package 'libquadmath0' and installed it via the package manager.

However, as Debian Bookworm is a very long way from being released (mid-2023), the online repository is a moving target. Click on "pkgget" on the desktop, then go into configuration and click the "Update" button.

You only need to update the three Debian "main", "contrib" and "nonfree" repositories, and when it asks if you want to download the "updates", decline -- the updates URLs don't exist, they will only exist after Debian Bookworm is released.

Galculator now works.    

Tags: easy