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JWMDesk and PupControl PETs bumped

May 12, 2022 — BarryK

Easy has PupControl, based on 3.4 with some small tweaks for EasyOS. Today I found a bug, clicked on "Desktop -> Desktop Wallpaper" and nothing happened.

I created /usr/local/PupControl/defaultapps/wallpaper, to run 'qwallpaper'. That did the trick. It looks like scripts under that 'defaultapps' folder get automatically created; however, pre-creating one of them seems OK.

PupControl is now version

Roger (radky on the forum) has announced JWMDesk 3.5.2. I had been making changes to 3.5.1, and had got up to version Roger has incorporated the changes, and others and released 3.5.2. Forum thread:

Both of these updated PETs will be in the next release of Easy.    

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