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mksquashfs in initrd updated with lz4 support

May 15, 2022 — BarryK

I mentioned in a recent post, that QuickSetup has a checkbox to rebuild 'easy.sfs', changing from xz to gz compression. Would prefer that to change to lz4, for much faster decompression when in use.

I also mentioned that the kernel 5.15.39 has been compiled with lz4 support in the squashfs driver.

The actual reconstruction of easy.sfs occurs in the initrd, using the 'mksquashfs' utlity. This utility is statically-linked, and only supports gz and xz compression. So, I have recompiled it in my musl OE build, with lz4 compression enabled.

This has been done for x86_64, i686 and aarch64 targets, and I have put the new 'mksquashfs' utilities into woofQ.

Next step is to edit the 'quicksetup' script, and 'init' in the initrd, to convert 'easy.sfs' to lz4 instead of gz.  

Tags: easy