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Redshift fixed in Easy Bookworm

May 16, 2022 — BarryK

An old problem has come back to haunt us. Debian Bookworm has redshift package version 1.12, which is broken. Or rather, the CLI utility is broken. Version 1.11 works.

The systray has a screen brightness and colour tinting applet, that is a GUI for the redshift CLI utility. This was fixed in Easy Dunfell, but the bug has come back with Easy Bookworm, see forum post, the problem reported by Philh:

I have changed the package-list for Easy Bookworm to used the redshift 1.11 PET.

Changing the subject, you might be interested to know that the packages compiled in OpenEmbedded for Easy Dunfell, are also used in Easy Bookworm. 115 of them, in fact.

There are so many special packages not available in the Debian repository, or not suitable (or, as in the case or redshift, broken). ROX-Filer, Gwhere... well, the list goes on.   

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