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Tried overlay filesystem again

May 21, 2022 — BarryK

Back in the very early days of EasyOS, 2017, I tried the overlay filesystem (also known as overlayfs), but there were serious errors. Don't recall exactly what they were, but the result was I stayed with aufs.

A couple of years later, tried again. failure.

Today tried again. Easy does get to the shell commandline, but the screen scrolls by with lots of "invalid cross-device link".

I experimented with "xino=auto", "redirect-dir=on|follow" and "index=on" mount options, to no avail.

An online search reveals this error is a common problem. The thing is, aufs "just works".

The only potential problem with staying with aufs is that the developer is showing signs of getting tired of maintaining the project -- having to keep fixing aufs as new versions of the Linux kernel come out.

Hmm, perhaps when he bows out, so will I.    

Tags: easy