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Blocking web-page adverts in a container

June 30, 2022 — BarryK

Forum member Tenoch reported that "Pup-Advert-Blocker" (in the "Internet" menu category) does not work when run Firefox in a container ("www" icon on desktop):

The "dunfell" icon runs a full isolated desktop, and Pup-Advert-Blocker should work there.

I have fixed so that /etc/hosts gets copied into every container at startup.That will be in the next release.

But, as I mentioned in the forum, replying to Tenoch's post, The "" choice in Pup-Advert-Blocker doesn't work.

Pup-Advert-Blocker is a very old application, created by sc0ttman, found it in the old forum:

I will need to fix the PET, either take out "" or find a replacement.   

Tags: easy