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Boot menu in initrd when no password

June 26, 2022 — BarryK

Forum member williwaw reported this:

Without setting up a password, the boot time choices for no-x, rollback or file check were not presented.

A password is entered at first bootup, which has the important security feature of encrypting certain folders in the working-partition.

However, you may opt not to have a password, or you might not be able to. Folder encryption requires that ext4 "encrypt" feature be enabled in the partition. However, some older boot-managers, such as grub4dos version 0.4.4 (there are later versions, that I don't know about), do not recognize enhanced ext4 features such as "encrypt" and "64bit" and won't even recognize the existence of such partitions.

With such an old boot-manager, you are forced to bootup without a password.

In Easy 4.2, the 'initrd' now has a boot-menu, introduced here:

As williwaw reported, you only got that menu if had entered a password at first bootup. I have fixed it so that even if you bootup without a password, that menu will display. You may make a choice, or just press ENTER to continue with normal bootup, or there will be a 10 second timeout and normal bootup will happen.  

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