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Easy 4.2.1 interim-release

June 27, 2022 — BarryK

I have uploaded EasyOS version 4.2.1, but only the "delta" file, which is just 338KB.

I wanted to test updating from 4.2 using the new small delta-file system, and it works great. You do need the latest scripts:


You can find them here:

If you have Easy 4.2 installed, you can update. It sure is a pleasure the 338KB download, compared with the full 'easy-4.2.1-amd64.img' at 825MB!

Probably work also with earlier installed versions, though they might be setup with 'vmlinuz' and 'initrd' not in the working-partition. Whatever boot-manager is used now has to have the "wkg_uuid" (or wkg_dev or wkg_label) and "wkg_dir" kernel parameters. In other words, there might be some pain involved with updating.

Also, updating earlier versions, the update will download the full-size image file, as only have a 4.2-to-4.2.1 difference-file online.

Even with 4.2, the if you have /mnt/wkg/easy-4.2-amd64.img, it might not have the correct checksum. The 'mount-img' script changed the file checksum. The latest mount-img doesn't.

Have a few things to do, expect 4.2.2 as the official next release, in a day or two.

I have rewritten the updating instructions:

...might require a browser page refresh.  

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