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Samba to be removed?

June 10, 2022 — BarryK

I am looking at how to reduce the size of 'easy.sfs', which is currently 750MiB (in Easy 4.0). The jump in size is due to now using lz4-hc compression.

Today I stumbled across discussion about samba in the Vanilla Dpup thread, to which I responded:

Looking at the samba package in EasyOS, 'du -m' shows it to be 73MB. That is after the "dev", "doc" and "nls" components are split out. So that 73MB is what goes onto 'easy.sfs', which after compression will probably be down to around 35MB.

The only package in Easy that requires samba is 'smbnetfs', that is used in EasyShare, the network file-sharing GUI -- see "share" on desktop.

So, reckon I will take out 'samba' and 'smbnetfs', which will require a redesign of EasyShare. For a start, EasyShare can just use 'mount.cifs' to mount a Windows Network Share, samba not needed. Then, if the user really wants to setup a local samba server, there will have to be a message to install it.

I'm very rusty on this. Worked on the samba component of EasyShare a few years ago. I don't even have a LAN setup anymore. The wireless|ethernet router is gathering dust somewhere. As for Windows... yes, still have one PC with Win10 on it.

if you have a thought to contribute, please do.        

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