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The return of SeaMonkey and a fundamental rethink

June 12, 2022 — BarryK

Right now, running EasyOS 4.0.1. Have taken out Gimp, Samba and HexChat, and brought back SeaMonkey. 'easy.sfs' is 748MiB.

I have posted about the easy*.img file having a 767MiB boot-partition, and running into a problem as now using lz4-hc squashfs compression, easy.sfs has suddenly become too big.

Anyway, I want SeaMonkey. It is too darn useful. I personally need the Composer WYSIWYG HTML editor, and replacing with BlueGriffon is not a good choice as BlueGriffon is itself rather large (about half the size of SM).
And, we do need to keep an email client. The other modules, contact management and IRC client also very useful.

Anyway, posts from rufwoof and williwaw have got me rethinking the whole thing:

Stay tuned.   

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