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Tray time popup fix

June 10, 2022 — BarryK

I received an email from Rick, pointing out what should have been an obvious problem. But, I hadn't noticed it until he drew my attention to it.

Mouse-over the time display in the tray, displays date, time and timezone. That's ok, but left-click or right-click launches 'minixcal', a little app that displays a calendar:


...what is wrong with that? Two things. Firstly, Osmo is in the tray, and that has a very sophisticated calendar. Secondly, the "Launch Osmo Calendar" brings up a window warning that Osmo is already running, and it may corrupt Osmo to launch a second instance.

So, 'minixcal' has had its day and is now retired. I edited /root/.jwmrc-tray and replaced "exec:minixcal" with "exec:date-time-wizard", which runs this:


...much more appropriate!    

Tags: easy