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Update no longer using rsync

June 14, 2022 — BarryK

EasyOS has an "update" icon on the desktop, that checks if a later version online, and if so offers to download and update the local installation.

The problem we have been having is that it uses rsync, which reduces the size of the download by only downloading the difference between current and latest version; however, it disconnects, seemingly randomly. Perhaps it is a problem with getting too busy, as the problem does seem dependent on the time-of-day.

The script is /usr/local/easy_version/easy-update, and I have rewritten it to not use rsync. Instead, it downloads the complete new .img file, currently 801MiB. It calls /usr/sbin/download_file to do this, which has lots of failsafes.

After download, the new /usr/sbin/mount-img script is used to mount the partitions of the .img file, and 'vmlinuz', 'initrd' and 'easy.sfs' are copied out.

"update" also sees if you have already downloaded the new .img file, into /mnt/${WKG_DEV}/${WKG_DIR}, by whatever means, and will offer to update, without having to re-download it.

Haven't tested it yet.   

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