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Gave up installing Fedora

July 11, 2022 — BarryK

I posted this morning, have set aside a computer to install different Linux OSs:

Installed Debian, Manjaro, Mint, openSUSE and EndeavourOS. The installers all had some quirks, such as how they setup Grub.

This afternoon, decided to add Fedora to the collection. I was astounded how unintuitive the installer is. The so-called advance partitioning tool is painfully slow. In fact, the whole desktop user interface, running it from iso on a usb-stick, PC has 16GB RAM, was slow.

The installer is probably OK if you let it do everything automatically, but not if you have existing partitions and want it to be installed in certain partitions.

I was so disgusted with it, gave up. It probably can be learned, but for me, not interested. Lots of hits about the installer, like this:

If you use Fedora, and like it, that's fine.   

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