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Limine Installer version 1.0

July 23, 2022 — BarryK

We have been working on this for a couple of weeks, and it looks mature enough to bounce up to 1.0. The Limine Installer version 1.0 has been announced on the forum, where you can find PET packages:

Today I gave it a quick test on an old BIOS laptop, an Acer Aspire. I bought this in 2012, one of the last before UEFI computers took over. It has a Intel i3 CPU and originally had Windows 7, but I removed it. A couple of days prior, had tested on my Mele mini-PC, a UEFI computer, with Windows 10 and a frugal EasyOS, and that went well.

The Acer laptop has Grub4dos installed, so will be supplanting that. Note, theoretically, will be able to uninstall Limine and restore Grub4dos.

I took some snapshots while installing to the Acer laptop. Here is the first window:


...a frugal install of EasyOS and two full installs of Quirky Linux. After clicking the "GENERATE" button:


...pretty simple, there is only one drive. Clicked on the "INSTALL" button:


...the final sanity check. I haven't tested the uninstall capability, but mintsuki, the lead Limine developer, does warn that the partition table must not be altered in any way for uninstall to work. Click on "INSTALL" again:


That's it. I shutdown and removed the EasyOS USB-stick, then powered-on, and got the Limine menu:


Works great!

Regarding that /root/limine-undeploy-data.bin, probably a good idea to archive that somewhere.
I think, if reinstall Limine, for whatever reason, the generated limine-undeploy-data.bin file will be that of the first Limine installation.    

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