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Proposed 32-bit EasyOS shelved

July 21, 2022 — BarryK

The last couple of days, have been working on a 32-bit Dunfell-series. Did a complete recompile in OE, for a i686 CPU target, compiled a 5.15.55 kernel, got it to boot on my old circa-2005 Acer laptop -- or rather, it started to boot.

At the switch_root, got a kernel panic -- the famous "tried to kill init" message. Should be fixable, but I can see this soaking up another week, and it is fragmenting my time too much. There are already lots of issues with the 64-bit version 4.2.7, so decided to get back on track, just do the one thing.

Discussion about this proposal here:

Might come back to the 32-bit Easy at some future date.  

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