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Restore traditional direct writes to drive

July 12, 2022 — BarryK

EasyOS 4.0 introduced running the session in RAM, specifically ZRAM, which is compressed RAM. This meant that the top read-write layer of the aufs layered filesystem is in RAM, which eliminates writes to the physical drive until specifically perform a session-save. It also has a speed advantage. And a security advantage.

However, the traditional pre-4.0 behaviour, direct writing to the working-partition, can be reverted to. If you have a good quality SSD, you will probably find it will last "forever" anyway. I have been using "reasonable quality" flash sticks for years, without failure. But then, not on a continuous basis, as I my regular daily startup is a frugal install in a HDD.

If you want to go back to direct-writes to the working-partition, it is now implemented, via the "save" icon on the desktop:


You can save the session, or not, immediately or at shutdown, but at next bootup you will have direct-write to the drive.

The "save" icon is still there on the desktop. Clicking on it:


Running on my HDD, I will probably leave it as direct-write, as one-less thing to do at shutdown. The underlying code is simpler too, as session-saving is quite complex.   

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