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EasyOS 32-bit i686 Dunfell-series version 4.3.5

August 25, 2022 — BarryK

Version 4.3.5 released, for old 32-bit i686 computers.
If your computer has 486 or 586 CPU, too old.
If it has the old ISA expansion bus, not PCI, again too old.
Minimum screen size 1024x768, minimum RAM 512MB (with swap partition).

I haven't provided a update "difference file" this time. Limine bootloader now version 3.16, which has fixes for some old computers, so prefer fresh write to the usb-stick, rather than update.

Features of this release:

Firefox 104.0, SeaMonkey 2.53.13, Limine 3.16
A complete recompile in OE, now "-r4", removed all efi-related packages.
Samba is now builtin.
Geany-plugins now builtin.
Nim language compiler is in the devx sfs.

Please don't use this on 64-bit computers, or computers with UEFI. The Linux kernel is for legacy-BIOS booting only, and will only recognize 4GB RAM.

Download from here, English, French and German builds:

If you need help how to write the image file to usb-stick, see here:

Feedback is welcome at the forum, but do note that I provide minimal support for the 32-bit releases, as have to allocate most of my time to the 64-bit releases. There are other very helpful guys on the forum. 4.3.5 discussion here:

Have fun!      

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