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Nim language documentation

August 23, 2022 — BarryK

This morning I posted an introduction to associative arrays in Nim, with some links to further documentation:

I have been collecting documentation links, so it might be helpful to post them here, for any Nim-beginner who is reading this (or someone who is thinking of becoming a Nim-beginner!):

author: Kaushal Modi

"Nim by Example"

There is more, these are just the ones I have bookmarked. There are also two books, available as ebook or printed -- various places to purchase, including Amazon.

EDIT 2022-08-24:
This is interesting:

"The Nim memory model"

EDIT 2022-08-27:
Here is another "Nim by Example", different from the one above:

"Nim by Example" 

EDIT 2022-08-31:
I have been exploring GUI toolkits, and it looks like will go with 'gintro', which is a Nim wrapper for gtk3 or gtk4. Dr Salewski has documentation on the gintro github site, but has also written a book: is for gtk4; however, it does seem would be mostly relevant for gtk3.     

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