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Plan to sync PKGget and apt-dpkg

August 11, 2022 — BarryK

I know this will interest a few people. I have been asked whether the 'apt' Debian package manager can be installed in EasyOS. Yes, it can, but the native package manager, 'PKGget', originally called the 'PPM' (Puppy Package Manager), does not "talk" with apt, so they won't have any idea what the other is up to.

There have been some pups with both the apt and ppm, and I think that VanillaDpup does have some basic syncronization. Just from memory, last time that I played with it, I think that apt recognized the existing packages in the build, at first bootup, listed in file 'woof-installed-packages'. But there was no cooperation beyond that.

I have started to look at how 'apt' and 'dpkg' work, and I would like to acknowledge forum member s243a, whose scripts gave me some ideas:

s243a hasn't been active in the forum for awhile, last post was in May 2021. I'll send him an email, let him know I appreciate his work.

Thinking about scripts that will need to be written...

EasyOS has /usr/local/debdb2pupdb, inherited from Puppy. I think will also need to write a 'pupdb2debdb'. Um, not quite, maybe want it to do one package at a time.     

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