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The return of BaCon

August 14, 2022 — BarryK

Well, that was a short retirement! It was only a few days ago, announced that utilities written in the BaCon language are no longer in EasyOS:

I invested a couple of days looking at the Nim language; however, their "home grown" build system caused me so much trouble in the OE cross-compile environment. So, my thoughts turned back to BaCon...

I resolved to have another go at fixing the problems with BaCon, and had excellent communications with Peter and Vovchik on the BaCon forum:

Success, now have these packages compiled in OE:


The current situation is that Easy no longer has any utilities written in BaCon, but the way is now open to do so in the future.

Here is the BaCon homepage:

I like HUG (Highlevel Universal GUI):

EDIT 2022-08-26:
Not so good, still have problems with BaCon cross-compiling:

Note, cross-compiling Nim in OE has been fixed:    

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