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EasyOS version 4.4 released

September 25, 2022 — BarryK

The previous release was version 4.3.4, on August 15, 2022:

Version 4.4, 64-bit Dunfell-series, brings lots of little fixes and enhancements. Plus, a big-ticket item; apps now able to run in containers as user "spot", an extra security layer above "crippled root".
As this is the Dunfell-series, almost completely compiled from source in "meta-quirky" (OpenEmbedded), the package repository is small compared with mainstream Linux distributions; however, this situation is being greatly ameliorated by additional SFS mega-packages -- with more to come.

Please read the release notes here:

EasyOS is available as image-files in English, French and German, download from here, courtesy of ibiblio:

Or, if you want fast download in Europe, mirrored courtesy of NLUUG:

If you need assistance with writing an image file to a USB-stick, there are various tutorials at, including this:

Of course, if you already have EasyOS running, just click on the "update" icon to update to the latest version. The difference-file to update from 4.3.4 to 4.4 is only 84MB. This simple updating is introduced here:

Some extra release notes:

It is planned to change the Chrome SFS to run as user spot. Currently it runs as crippled-root. Will probably do that tomorrow.

One of my old computers has a radeon video card, and the 'radeon' Xorg driver loads, but mouse doesn't work. I was able to use the keyboard; from memory, I think ALT-F1 brought up the menu and was able to exit to the commandline and run the 'xorgwizard'. The Xorg 'vesa' driver will probably work, which is not satisfactory. I have had the mouse working with previous releases of EasyOS, so this needs looking into.

If there is anything that you would like to contribute, you are welcome at the EasyOS section of the Puppy Forum:

Extra links:

The kernel source, with patches and build scripts, is here:

The meta-quirky layer for OpenEmbedded/Yocto is available as a tarball:

woofQ, the project that imports binary packages from meta-quirky and builds EasyOS:

Have fun!        

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