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PKGget package manager freeze fixed

September 21, 2022 — BarryK

Rick C sent me an email recently reporting this. I know about this problem, it has been there since the very early days of the Puppy Package Manager. If you try to drag the divide between "Package" and "Description", as shown by the red arrows, another windows appears, then the entire desktop becomes unresponsive, requiring the power button to be held down to power-off. Photo:


The offending code is in /usr/local/petget/ui_Classic (also in ui_Ziggy):

  <tree column-resizeable=\"0\">
<label>$(gettext 'Package')|$(gettext 'Description')</label>
<input${APPICONXMLINSERT}>cat /tmp/petget/</input>
<action signal=\"button-release-event\">/usr/local/petget/</action>
<action signal=\"button-release-event\">/usr/local/petget/</action>
<action signal=\"button-release-event\">refresh:TREE2</action>

...I fixed it with the bold text, which disables column-divider drag.

An alternative fix would be to change signal "button-release-event" to "button-press-event", which does avoid the hang, but causes other problems.

Another fix is to change the signal to "row-activated", but that then requires a double-click on an entry to choose it, which I would rather not do.      

Tags: easy